Kenwood SW X1Subs update?

I have had a pair of these for six years and generally happy, and also wife friendly. Sited either side of the sofa. (cost a total of 99p off nearby ebay seller!)
Found a price online in 1995 these were 999 euro each which is nearly 2k worth. The cabinets are very solid and braced - made from very thick MDF.
Originally passive so fitted DLS amplifier 250w modules which seem to be adequate.
Refurbed the units with fresh surrounds.
Looking at refinishing the grille fabric and sprucing them up a bit.

So now considering whether to upgrade the 2x 300mm 12" drive units.

Or do I go larger with 2x 15" units?

Any recommendation - but UK available please.

Type: subwoofer
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 50Hz
Recommended Amplifier: 50 to 250W
Impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 87dB
Sub Bass: 1 x 300mm polypropylene cone
Enclosure: 120 litre - Ported

Dimensions: 489 x 489 x 510mm
Weight: 26kg
Year: 1995
I would recommend to leave them as they are, as the cabinets are tuned for these woofers.

Is there a reason you want to replace the woofers? If the foam surrounds have rotten, simply refoam them. If you want to improve the sound quality, try measuring the in-room response and correct it with a DSP.
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AD12-300 ? -

The TS specs listed have 1 error, so if trying to model in winisd / hornresp, this needs to be considered. I can link to the thread that has the details (correct TS parameters), if you are interested. The BK elec monolith has this driver and is ported in a 95litre cabinet.
Ok Had to replace drivers as Snafu'd. So gone Eminence LAB12C which according to eminence info match my cabinets apart from port size which I will sort later.
Hit a snag in that the hole cut for the existing subs is 2mm small.

So need to enlarge the hole slightly.

Any recommendations. Reluctant to pile in with a jigsaw.