Kenwood KRF-V9993D Service Manual

Anybody with a copy of a Kenwood KRF-V9993D schematic or service manual? I will really appreciate it if somebody could send me a copy. Thanks in advance.

I emailed Kenwood USA last night and they replied (in fairness) and regret that they don't have a copy of it's service manual its out of print :eek: but they pointed me where I can purchase one :bomb: :mad::mad::mad: :mad: that's means an extra charge for my costumer because I had to purchase the service manual (and because he SHELL OUT HIS HARD EARNED MONEY for a product from a company that sucks at after sale tech support). Another poor costumer who is a victim of a fancy marketing words from a salesmen:darkside:. HDCD when all of your favorite CD collections where the 16-bit type and your using the analog input of the receiver, the poor consumer has no vague idea what hit them tsk tsk tsk. really disgusting Sorry for the venting I got carried away:D

Best Regards,