Kenwood 5020l tuner works, but no stereo

i purchased tuner Kenwood kt-5020L, which is listed to be of top 10 best tuners of the world.
It seems it worked, sounds nice, but never saw that stereo light indicator shows on.

Does maybe have idea what would be wrong?

I check signal with another tuner and it shows stereo..

I download service manual, but i dont know what to look there.

Maybe someone give me direction or idea. :rolleyes:

Unless you have some experience trouble shooting and soldering you might be well advised to find a good tech to do the repairs for you.

It could be as simple as a burned out lamp or something more complex to diagnose like a bad capacitor.

Does it sound like mono or stereo when playing?

I can do some simple soldering.

It sounds like mono when playing.
I checked visually i there is capacitor burned, it look clean.
Tuner has flourescent display, it works, but no stereo signal.


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2004-06-06 8:31 pm
Georgetown, On
Hi Bostjan,
Most likely your tuner needs to be aligned. However, this requires a fair amount of equipment. I do a large number of tuners, the worst ones to fix are those that have had a poor technician inside turning controls.

Look for a technician that does audio, plus has a good reputation for tuner service. Most will tell you they can do this work but few can.

This person will have at least one very good FM stereo generator, a good distortion analyzer (meter), frequency counter, often a good meter (not a hand held one!) and a good oscilloscope that goes to 200 MHz minimum! They might also have a spectrum or network analyzer, a modulation analyzer (to check their own equipment) plus the various cables and adapters needed to hook things up.

I have all of these things, and anyone I know who services tuners have the basic instruments listed first. This is a very expensive outlay of money to get all this stuff. You should have a good technician close to you I would think.

Check with Kenwood (or their distributor) to see if they have a good shop for tuner work near you. If not, ship the tuner to the good shop. Otherwise you will have to look for a technician with the equipment I listed. Even if the fault is minor, the tuner alignment should be checked. After all, you did buy this tuner for it's performance.

Best, Chris


2010-05-02 10:00 pm
Does it tune mono well ? I mean clean & un-distorted sound ? Is the level acceptable I mean does it sound loud enough compared to other sources or do You have to krank up the amp volume in order to hear ?
You could try to find the 19KHz pilot tone trimmer and tweak it. It should be at near middle position.
With a non metallic screwdriver You can also tweak the coils, watch the strength meter if there is one. Just a Quarter turn left or right, the meter and the speakers should reflect what You are doing. I like to do it with headphones. Mark the pots first and work one at a time.