Kenwood 1903d


2013-04-04 7:13 pm
Amp Powers up but goes into protect right away (power light goes off). Fan stays running. Any help would be appreciated.

Pin 1: 4.89v
Pin 2: 4.69v
Pin 3: 4.69v
Pin 4: 0.21v
Pin 5: 1.42v
Pin 6: 3.59v
Pin 7: 0v
Pin 8: 15.11v
Pin 9: 0v
Pin 10: 0v
Pin 11: 15.09v
Pin 12: 15.08v
Pin 13: 4.91v
Pin 14: 4.91v
Pin 15: 4.91v
Pin 16: 0v
Reinstall the transistor that did NOT have low readings. Clamp all transistors to the heatsink. Remove the two fuses from the amp and install a single 15 amp fuse. Reconnect the amp power, ground, remote and see if it powers up. If it does. measure the DC voltage across the speaker terminals. If it's well below 1v DC, reconnect the speaker and see if it will play at low volume.

If it does, replace the 4 transistors. You will need to apply new heatsink compound between the transistors and the heatsink.