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Kefkit 3 new, all parts, no drivers or cabinets

This listing is for a KEF KIT 3. All original parts, 2 rolls bonded acetate fibre acoustic damping material, 2 rolls acoustically transparent grille cloth material, 2 rolls self-adhesive strips, 2 terminal panel screws, sets of round head and counter-sunk screws, installation instructions and expired warranty registration cards.

THERE ARE NO DRIVERS, Crossovers or cabinets, Please check pictures for details. Will be shipped either in one or two boxes, your choice.



  • KEFKIT 3_01.JPG
    KEFKIT 3_01.JPG
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  • KEFKIT 3_06.JPG
    KEFKIT 3_06.JPG
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  • KEFKIT 3_07.JPG
    KEFKIT 3_07.JPG
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  • KEFKIT 3_03.JPG
    KEFKIT 3_03.JPG
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  • KEFKIT 3_12.JPG
    KEFKIT 3_12.JPG
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  • KEFKIT 3_04.JPG
    KEFKIT 3_04.JPG
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