Kef SP2113 (102)Power Supply


2012-12-20 9:34 am
Hi All
Hoping someone out there can help..
I need a power supply for a Kef SP2113 but can't find any info. I've asked Kef but had no reply and asked particular people on this site but to no avail.
I know people who can make one for me but I need the details/spec/diagram.
Any help gratefully received
Hi Michael,
I´m expecting to get a pair of KEF Ref 102 including the KUBE next week. Never owned loudspeakers like these so I´m really exited how they will perform and what´s all about the KUBE.

Referring to the PSU from pictures I guess it´s housing parts are melt together.
Nevertheless it should be possible to measure the +/- V inside the KUBE so a schematic for a new PSU can be established.

Best regards
Hello Michael,

sorry for the delay. There was no time to open the unit...until today.
I had to remove two screws at the back and then was able to slide the housing in the same direction. Underneath one finds a screening out of metallized paper wich has to be desoldered from the ground conductor of the tape connector. Now I was able to inspect the connection of the 5-Pin-Plug onto the circuit board.

It is quite simple: the Pin in the middle (pointing to the top of the unit) is 0V/Gnd, whereas both Pins at ca. 120° take 18V~ each. Both pins between (one connected to 0V) can be left disregarded.
The Printing on the transformer states
220 to 240V~
50-60 Hz
6 VA

So it is as easy as that: just get a 2 x 18V / 6VA transformer, 3-wire cable and the fitting connector.

Btw: before I desoldered the screen I was hoping to be able to draw the schematic of the whole unit. After inspecting it I decline - it´s still possible but will take much time. The small double sided board has lots of parts on it: 6 OPAMPs (Type TL072CP), 22 Film capacitors, a lot more resistors...

If it would have been built less compact, I would have thought about some parts upgrade (esp. OPAMPs).


Kind regards from near Cologne