Kef PL301?

I built a pair of Kef PL301's in 1992, but sold them in 1995. The person who bought it has had them in storage all this time (has never been connected!), but he has lost all the plans, crossover schematics etc. I am seriously considering buying it back and would then like to rebuild the crossovers. Could anyone kindly assist with crossover schematics etc please?

The PL301 was a DIY Kit by Elektor dated 1986 and is based on the CS9 Kef Constructor Kit. It uses the following Kef drivers: B300B, B110B and T52B.

Attached is old pics I dug out of an album.


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2010-09-10 2:41 pm
crossover PL301


I have built the pl301 also and use them since januari 1986. The crossover circuit is known by KEF as DN28. In attach a scan of de crossover schematic from the original article in Elektuur of september 1985. (I live in Belgium) Remark: the original filter uses bipolar elco's. If you use polypropylene or foil capacitors elektuur advises tu put a 0,5ohm resistor is series with C7 and C8 for the high section. Otherwise the the output will increase with 1,5db.


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