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2019-12-01 3:12 am
I’ve got a box of “brand new” (from 1980’s?) speaker’s that I’ve stored for as long as I can remember (used to belong to a family member).

Looking to sell them because they’re taking up space.

They’re in original polystyrene boxes in cardboard sleeves.

KEF Electronics LTD (Made In Kent England)
T27 - 2xHigh Frequency Units
B110 - 2xPieces (there are two boxes of these total so 4 speakers)
B139 - 2xPieces (there are two boxes of these total so 4 speakers)

Based in New Zealand

Have no idea of value - any indication is appreciated.

Figure they might be worth something to someone with a hobby or could equally be worthless but don’t want to throw them away in case.




2019-12-01 3:12 am
Photos of the boxes

Here are the boxes


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Hello MWilNZ33,

for more detailed information, can you plese add the exact Partnumber, like B139SP1044 for all the other speakers. Kef alltimes build several versions of the speakers , depending of the usage.

All in al cound be worth form from US$600 upwards, if you find the right buyer. Simple the T27 are worth about $200 in perfect unused condition.

>Good luck<


2019-12-01 3:12 am
Thanks for the reply

Have taken a picture of the part numbers I think for each type


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They are definitely not worthless!!!!
These are going to be very, very attractive to some Baby Boomers and others.
There are a number (4-5) well known diy Transmission line designs that use the tweeter/mid/woofer combo' plus people who want to use the B110/T27 in LS3/5a clones. Plus the original KEF Concerto model.
B139s have featured in stand alone diy subs.....(HFN/RR mag')
As to value, if I was selling them on this side of the Tasman I would be looking at A$500 minimum, may up to A$700 for the right person.
If you Google Home Page you'll find a UK site devoted entirely to KEF drivers from this period.
That will give you a flavour of how much affection some people hold for these units.
Cheers, Jonathan
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