KEF Concord - 2 different ohm tweeters - Is this bad?


I bought a pair of KEF Concord - Vintage 1970's speakers and tested the ohms on each tweeter. One is 8 ohm and the other 16. Is this ok or should I rather get a matching set. The issue is that they are rare and hard to find here in South Africa.

Thanks for assistance in advance :)
Tweeters are generally more sensitive than the woofers and so are padded with a series resistor.
It is possible one tweeter may have been replaced with a non-identical replacement and the resistor may have been changed to compensate.

Assuming you don't have a measuring setup, how about:
1 - sit central to the speakers.
2 - play a sweep tone from a computer.
3 - is the tone equal from both speakers or does it pan to one side or the other?

Then you have to decide how bothered you are and if it worth replacing the tweeters.
If replacing, check the crossover components match.