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KEF B139 - Two pairs restored - For Sale

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I have two pairs of KEF B139s for sale. One pair comes from a set of Linn Isobariks and has been treated as per usual. The second didn't originate in Isos but has been treated in the same way as part of the restoration.

They have been thoroughly checked over (which I will do again in a few days as I haven't looked at them for a while) and all four have been recoated with the correct doping compound - SL807.

There is a small chance I have the measurements for them somewhere, but I don't have that kit out at the moment (though I might do before sending them off). Generally though, I was planning on using them myself, so they had passed that hurdle.

I'm looking for around £160 for the Isobarik ones and £145 for the more standard ones. Location not far from London and may be able to meet in London as drop off.

Shipping can get pricey for these, especially if going to Eastern Europe, so probably best to stick within UK for the moment.
Pics of B139s

Here are some pics of the B139s being doped and afterwards


  • 4B139Doping.jpg
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  • 4B139PostDoping.jpg
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Those prices are per pair, not for individual units, in case anyone thought that. If there was anyway a concern over the price it is at the top end of the range simply because almost no one has the correct doping compound and even fewer have means of measuring parameters to make sure they stay matched (not that it matters an awful lot but it is certainly better than being wildly unmatched). But i am open to offers, especially from someone who will take all four
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.