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KEF 104/2

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I’ve had these speakers for about 20 years.

I found them abandoned in a audio repair shop after they had the surrounds replaced on the woofers.

Had to make my own grills.

They’re not perfect, have some scuffs etc, but presentable.

Haven’t used them in a while…last time was a few years back (2020?). Still sounded good then and the woofer surrounds were still in good condition.

They are from the early to mid 90s.

A bit of info on here and the web about renewing them if you really want to i.e. ferrifluid clean and replacement in tweeters, recapping crossovers etc.

They’ve been covered and stored in my dry basement fir a bit now.

I’m moving soon and feel like I have way too much stuff in general.

They are located in central Connecticut on the outskirts of Waterbury.

Offer what your conscious feels good with…better they go to someone that will use and enjoy them.


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OK…these are now sitting in my living room at the new house.

I hooked them up just because I don’t have a lot of time to work on my other speaker projects. I’m still moving stuff from the old house etc.

They have NO business sounding as good as they do for a 30+ year old speaker!…and with just my little gainclone integrated driving them with my MacBook as a source.

I know if I keep these they will turn into another project due to my OCD.

They are now located in New Hartford, CT.

If anyone has any interest in them please let me know.

I’m not sure I even care about getting paid for them. Maybe you have something you’d like to trade? I’m open to ideas and offers.
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Indeed…I’ve spent the afternoon re-kindling my love affair with them.

I’m finding it difficult to get off the sofa…well, more difficult than usual😉

It will have to happen…I need to try swapping in some of my other amps…but not in the middle of Dark Side of the Moon!
What are you replacing the KEF 104/2 with? I would like to see a young female get this KEF 104/2 speaker. She will get the chance to hear some beautiful reproduced music like she never heard before. These young people don't know what they are missing. After high school, it took me all summer to purchase my AR 3A speaker. Those were exciting days my friend.
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What are you replacing the KEF 104/2 with?
To be honest, I’m not replacing them per se.

I just hooked up a Doge 8 preamp I recently scored locally with my VFET amp driving the KEFs. Why would a normal person ever want more than this? Just astonishing.

I’ve gone through a whole series of different DIY speakers (front horns, back horns, OB) and just hoarded too many…along with so many parts for speaker projects I want to build!

At the old house there wasn’t room to have more than my main system and a system in the sunroom. I had the gainclone and bookshelves in the bedroom in case we wanted to watch a movie.

I have about three times the room now, but only one system can have center stage at a time.

I want to go big with a multi-way horn system I’ve always wanted.

I was thinking of using the bookshelves and gainclone temporarily to play music in the back of the house when we cook and eat. Maybe migrate them to the den for TV when I finish restoring some Tannoy GRF cabinets to put there.

Now I’m thinking the bookshelves might be relegated to the workshop?

Someone save me from myself!