KEF 103.4 mid-range driver problem (B160 SP1278)

Hello everyone,

I just bought a pair of old KEF 103.4 speakers from the 90s. Unfortunately 1 of the speaker sounds completely muffled. I thought the ferrofluid of the tweeter had to be replaced but the problem seems to be the mid range driver. The driver is a b160 sp1278 and it seems that the membrane is somewhat stuck. if I apply pressure on the membrane it does not move freely. It feels like there is a lot of resistance (the other speaker’s membrane is much more flexible and the speaker sounds fine). It also seems there there is a damage. I attach a video where I try to visualise the issue

I would swap out the driver but I am not able to find any. Does anyone have a clue if there is a way to fix this issue? Any suggestion is highly appreciated. I really don’t want the speaker to end up in the landfill so I would like to repair it.

Many thanks!

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It is possible that the mid's voice coil has been overheated and has been warped out of shape so that it no longer move freely in the magnetic gap.

Re-coning would probably be the only answer other than a driver replacement.

EDIT: There are videos on YouTube showing how to replace damaged voice coils.
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