Keeping components close?

I'm designing a chip-amp, based on the LM3886 chip. Im building it on breadboard, so now I'm wondering if I should try to pack the components as close together as possible?

Will this reduce noise? And also, I don't think I need the 3-4extra components for the mute function, so should I just leave them out? And if you know of any other modification I'd be moste happy!

Beast Regards,
Christian V


2002-04-28 2:11 pm
Hi Christian,

Packing the components close together can help with stability - I certainly wouldn't make any of the more critcial traces (feedback loop, etc.) longer than is absolutely necessary. Note that if you omit the components associated with the mute function, the chip will not come out of mute mode.

Check out my small PCB layout for a LM3876 based amp here:

Note also that Rod Elliott sells PCBs for the LM3876 (

Hope this helps,
I did one chip board, don't know how it sounds yeat, but I really hope it won't be as noisy as my other LM3886 amp ( which was really noisy).
But as you can see, I packed things real tight.

Best Regards,
Chris V


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