Keep my JBL 2226 drivers or start over

Hi All,
I own a pair of subs with JBL 2226's. I have been pvery retty pleased with them. They have tremendous output, and quite a lot of impact. However, I wish to build new enclosures, since the old ones don't fit my new room.

My questions is:
Should I purchase new age long throw subwoofers, and start from scratch?


Should I save the money and just stay with the JBL's?

Obviously it will be hundreds of dollars cheaper to stay with what I've got. However do you the new gen woofers are so superior, that I should really fork out the added dough?

Hi James!
Take a look at this link.

I have heard this particular system and I think it's some of the best bass reproduction i have ever heard, he is not braging in his descriptions. But as audioaficionado said, you have to use a rather large bassreflex enclosure and active x/o with EQ. Implemented this way it's hard to beat!