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K&K Audio RAKK DAC MKI - DIY Build

Up for sale is the Rakk DAC that I built about a year ago. It think it uses the RAKK MKI PCB, includes the lundhall trafo coupled coax digitial input and has both SE and balanced outputs which are fed by a Twisted Pear Ivy module. Power comes via another Twisted Pear module although the exact name of which escapes me now. It is not a sexy dac, housed in a simple plain Hammond box but it's not ugly either. The chassis doesn't show any feet, it has small rubber feet on it. Note - it also does not have a bottom panel which I can add at the buyer's request (and expense). It had been out on extended loan to a friend to bridge the gap while they got their source situation figured out and as far as I know they were pleased with its performance. To my ears it's on the brighter side of the isle, but not objectionably. It'd also make a good platform for modding with the easiest avenue to that being to try a different output stage. RAKK has at least a couple options for that, although be prepared for some wallet pain. I'm sure there are other options since my research was hardly exhaustive.

More information about the current version of this dac can be found here - K & K Audio - Lundahl Transformers, audio DIY kits and more - you'll note that the digital section (pcb only) is $449 which will not get you a functioning DAC. I don't think the MKI was quite this expensive, but it wasn't much less.

Anyway, I'd like to get $300 out of it, plus a little shipping which will include a power cord for the DAC. Only reason for selling is that I have 4 dacs and only 2 rigs. Please email with any questions and I have plenty of feedback at other audio related sites as well as a few successful transactions here.