JX92s+G2Si monintor vs. LS3/5A ??

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I wonder how these 2 would fare... I mean, I'm about to build one of the JX92+G2Si monitor myself pretty soon ,and am more than glad to bring these babies over to a fellow friend of mine hoping to trash the he!! off his LS3/5A.

Any experience so far ?

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You have to remember that the LS3/5As were a reference standard designed in the early 70's for BBC Radio OB use.

The key word here is "Standard", i.e. they all sounded the same, rather than the mixture of monitoring that was in use previously. They used good medium priced drivers in cheap boxes, and were designed for small control rooms and OB vans, so any real bottom end was reliant on room gain. They were also not really worried about anything above 15K, as that is above the FR of FM radio.

If you take those design criteria into acount, they were excellent speakers, and listening to speech radio on them is a joy.
Yes I'd agree the 3/5a used to be the reference, and there are many fanatics around the world still owning them. There are even clubs to worship them.

This fellow friend of mine is of no exception, and to put things into perspective, a real "fanatic" - reason being he has over 15 pairs in his collection.

So the evil in me only has one objective ... :devilr:

I think the following statement is a common summation of the 3/5.

I've never been a big fan of the highly revered LS3/5A. I've crossed paths enough with the Beeb's mini-monitor design enough times, the last being a Rogers example a few years ago. I won't deny that the design has its virtues, chief among them -- when given the right acoustic environment and partnering ancillaries -- a stunningly gorgeous midband, but there were also enough association headaches. It was a real mule to drive, the treble was rolled-off (though very gently and linearly), and there was, well, simply no real bass to speak of.
Still, like I said, the professional application design had its moments, as prompted by the many who ended up toting one home (and who still use it; many LS3/5A users are die-hards), and must have been revelatory as a close-in, nearfield monitor when first introduced, but time, standards and expectations have moved on since then.

Based on that the Jordan/ribbon combo should easily outperform it.
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