Hi, from graz, austria!

i'm new in this forum and i say to all "hello"!

first i will show you my page, all jvc fans please look at http://www.sabinebendlin.de/tonbandwelt/big/115.htm there are a little bit of my units shown here ...

ok, my questions:
have anybody a operation manual for:
- Turnable QL-A10, QL-A8, QL- A7 (build 1978)
- Amp. M-3030 (build 1978/1979/1980)
- Amp. M-7050 (build 1980)

regards, klaus
If you don't get any help here, you can always check here:

Do you have all stuff at home? Impressive collection, indeed.

BTW: I have a JVC TT, direct drive from the 70's JL-A8, I'm not sure about the numbers. The TT works perfectly still.

I have also a JVC CD-1635 MII portable cassette recorder.


In the picture you can also see my sister's JVC top-of-the-line cassette with 6-8 mm thick top panel plate and lovely mechanical VU-meters (plus LED's).
hello to sweden!!!

yes, i've all units at home. what you see is only a little part.
you have the 1635er?? i too, but no manual- do you have one???

look at the page www.printroom.com (an us- server), there are some prospects and manuals from me. the receiver manual is without a password. if you want take it! the quality is excelent.
the "log in" is "jvc_graz"

regards, klaus