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Hi guys,

Newbie to this forum and have a quick question...

I have been tryingt o contact Just Real Music because I am interested in one of their ESL speaker kits, but have have had no luck getting return emails.

Before I telephoned Russ I thought I would ask a the forum couple of questions...

1. Are these guys still in business or should I look elsewhere?
2. Is there a better ESL solution in this price range? (My ears just love the sound of ESLs)



I'd avoid JRM and I speak from experience. I got some from him on Ebay and it was 6 months before I ever got them, and it wasn't without a whole lotta trouble and frustration and lies about the panels being sent. Many emails were never returned and I eventually had to win another auction to even get a reaction. I also contacted the Cleveland's Better Business Bureau and the guy was a real piece of work, feigning ignorance and the whole 9 yards. Anyway, I got the panels finally, complete with cracked frames. What a seller, eh?? They still needed finishing too, pretty roughly made,...shoddy workmanship. The actual panels looked like they are pretty good, providing his test results
are truthful, but all else is just a miserable story. Others have had trouble that I have picked up on, so it's not just me. The kicker comes from the fact that once he has the money, you don't dare leave negative feedback, ...and you still don't have them once the time limit is up. That is why I bid again and was ready to kill. Only then did I squeeze some panels out of him. Now, I have panels but no electronics to go with it. My advice is to avoid. I never called him cause of how the emailing was going and I thought my temper just might get the best of me should I call. Hey, I really, really tried on that one, and at least I got the panels.

The lead times listed when they used to be on Ebay was a pure lie. One time I wrote to ask for the umpteenth time when they would be sent,..no reply. Then I had a co-worker write to just make a general inquiry and he got anwered almost immediately, with a "false" leadtime. So no,..no one is going to tell me the guy is not a crooked snake cause I know better.

JMS969,..at least you're not getting emails from the start. I'd take that as a sign.

Sorry for all the negative vibes, but if I can help save someone what I went through,..then I will speak up. For all I care, you can put politeness in the trash can when it comes to this kind of thing. People screwing others is inexcusable.
I dealt with Russ a couple of years ago and while he is a nice enough guy, he wasn't the best business man. I ordered a kit from him but got tired of waiting and ended up buying a pair of Innersound Eros instead. I eventually did recieve his panel kit model 2.1, but by then I had no interest in messing around with them and I never did do anything with them. If anyone is interested in them, let me know and I'll sell 'em cheap as I don't have any plans for them. The parts looked pretty decent for the money and could be alot of fun for a DIY'er.

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