Just one more of those crazy Norwegians.

Hello fellow sound builders.
I am a man from Norway, on an never ending search for the ultimate (d.i.y)speaker. (Aren't we all?).
My current speaker is the Hammerdynamics.
Driven by a cupple of 805 tubes.

Looking foreward to become wiser in the terms of speakerbuilding.

My english is slightly better than your norwegian, but i do have (many) writing errors. Hope you all can look past that :)

Best regards. Anders
Welcome to the forums Anders,

Hope you find what you need to become the "master speaker builder" here. And no, your english isn't going to bother us. As a second language you seem to have a pretty good handle on it. I could only find two spelling mistakes. That's better than a lot of people here who's first language is English.