Just bought a TDA8950TH 2.1 digital Class D Amplifier Board 2*150W+250W (AM160)

Hi Everyone I just joined the forum (Ive been reading it for weeks so thought it was about time) I had a moment of madness on Ebay (as you do) and bought a 2.1 Class D amplifier. Please see my question and specs below


  • Work: Class D

  • Quiescent Current: 65mA

  • Work efficiency: 90%

  • Left and right output power: 2 * 150W

  • Subwoofer output power: 250W 8ohm

  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz

  • Operating voltage: Dual AC15V to AC28V

  • Recommended supply voltage: AC28V-0-AC28V

  • PCB size: 150 * 145MM
Note: The subwoofer output is BTL mode, can only be used to access more than 8 ohms speaker

Here is my question,

I need a small (light weight) power source for it, I had in mind a SMPS but im not sure;
A. Is it possible? it wants AC28-0-AV28 input but SMPS are DC?
B. Ive read a lot about recommended power and believe I need 600w for this amp
C. Please dont make me put a Toroidal in it, im trying to keep the weight/ size down :D



2013-04-02 2:11 pm
Why would you go for a 40-0-40DC? (just curious)
See Crest factor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

28 VAC * √2 ≒ 39.6 VDC

BUT: According to the datasheet of the TDA8950, ±40 V is the maximum supply voltage this chip can handle. So I'd rather go with 36/37 VDC (as suggested in the datasheet) to leave a little headroom, just in case. You'd lose some 10 % of the maximum output power though, but you are on the safe side. Edit: The 2x150 W given in your description are at 4 Ω with 10 % THD and VP ±37 V.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert, so corrections to my assumptions are very welcome. ;)
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