Just bought a Marantz CD63

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Its been a good few years since I bothered with my Hi-Fi system preferring the ease and compact design of a Sony home surround system. My original system has been in storage for some 8 or 9 but I have now done away with the Sony and rigged up my old system again. I forgot how good it sounded and although the wife is not over keen its set up and here to stay. My main problem was my cd player, I had been using a dvd player in the system to play my cd's and movies but decided I would like a dedicated cd player instead. After much reading of reviews on cd decks I plumbed for a 2nd hand Marantz CD63. My decision to go with the Marantz was because I had read all the different upgrades that could be done on this machine and the good reviews I had also read. I managed to buy one for £14 from a chap that had used it as part of what looked like a very nice system. I bought it untested but realised as it had been in storage for 8 years there was every chance it would not work properly. As this was going to be my first plunge into upgrading a cd player I felt £14 would not be missed if it turned out to be a dud or I made a major error whilst doing the upgrades.
First questions please.
The Marantz turns on and lights up, the cd draw opens but makes a grinding noise. When I put a cd in and close the draw it makes the same grinding noise and the words disc light up in the window. It does nothing else. Could this be a case of dirt and dried out oil in the mechanism along with a dirty laser lens all being caused by it being in storage. I would like to clean the lens and mechanism and re oil the parts that need doing just to see if this will make it work before I try doing some upgrades. Is there a service manual for the cd63 and are the parts that need cleaning easy to get to.
Thanks in advance for any advise and help.
Thanks Lee, the service manual will help. I have cleaned the runners on the draw mechanism and lightly cleaned the lens, the grinding noise has 95% gone but still the cd will not load. When I close the draw loaded with a cd it spins a few times and then stops, the display still reads disc. There is a little belt at the front of the mechanism that feels quite slack could this be a problem or could it be the lens.

Thanks, Den.
Don't worry too much about the belt.
If the drawer was not shut correctly, the disk would not spin.

Almost all the CD players I've seen which use the cdm12 loader, have had drawers that squeal when opening and closing. The only solution was very careful cleaning and lubricating. Sometimes swapping parts also cured the noise. Cheap plastic construction !!!!

The disk spinning as you described is a good sign.
When you have downloaded the manual off Ray's sight, run the diagnostics and let us know the results.


Well being a new member I have to wait a while for my posts to be passed by the mods before they appear on the forum so I jumped the gun and dismantled the carrier and lens. Andy then posted a reply that said run the diagnostics. With the carrier and lens already out of the machine the diagnostics check was a no no. At least this gave me a chance to clean the lens and runners properly and as this was the first time I have taken something like this apart it was good experience. This morning I put it all back together and plugged it back in to do the diagnostic check but thought I would give it another spin first. The disc began to spin and the display showed track one was playing. I tried several CD's and every now and then a few seconds into the track the music would stop. This happened on a few CD's at different points on the CD. I have managed to get a few CD's to play all the way through but it is a bit temperamental. Maybe the lens needs more cleaning, would a dedicated cleaning CD make much of a difference or is it time to replace the lens.

Thanks, Den.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.