Just as a transport, which is *better sounding* and *more reliable*, CD304MKII (CDM-1) or CDP-337ESD (KSS-190A)?

which of these transports will give me the least trouble and sound the best?

I want to start modding, but my skills are at 0 and I have a hakko iron in my shopping cart, but not bought yet.

I want to replace the lytics and do a tube clock mod on either machine, also, which would be easier to work on?
Modding a Sony CDP337ESD is an atrocity. The best modding is do no touch if it works. Besides, fine adjust is very critical. Official manual service adjust procedure is not the best way for to adjust KSS-151A, 190A and etc...
Do you like modding? Get an audio analyzer, study audio knowledges, buy a chinese dac and practice, but don't touch the CDP337ESD, it is abomination.

Another thing, CDP337esd with KSS-190A is not the best cd reader, it is a good laser pickup, but a simply KSS-240A, KSS-272 or similar are better, technology goes forward, is a fact. KSS-190a can't avoid some defects in CDs that KSS-240a or similar can do perfectly.
KSS-190a as a source is not a good option.
For a CD source, the best choose is the best CD reader, a CD reader capable or read all CDs.
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