just a thought on a usable panel


2002-04-10 5:06 am
well i wouldnt be too worried about quality of the panel....it has to have a fast panel if it was designed for motion (TV/VCR) so anyone who just wants to use those type of inputs should be fine......notice how he pulled a lot of auctions >100$ he/she might sell them for under 100$ now that would be a steal.....too bad i'm going for higher res that that otherwise i'd be all over it.


2002-06-19 4:25 am
also you ar here! but i have good cheap choices!! the sceptre komodo is good looking

! if to purchaseing ifeeling you very happy. such that it has 350:1 contrasto ofa
saying boss man here it is cafe costing of 500000 lire passing november! He happy many and make a good moneys here!
he is sayin it is costing maybe cheaper america because shipment costings
so......maybe 200 american maybe good notsure