Just a testimony of a good test instrument reseller

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Hello all,

From time to time I travel from Brazil to US on vacations or on my job activities and sometimes I buy things to improve my DIY lab, like components and devices.

I´m doing this since 90´s and I follow a simple procedure: few days before the trip I buy everything I need and send it to my hotel in US in order to receive the goods. it´s easy and I normally use my credit card to pay on-line.

I travelled last week and did the same procedure. At this time, I decided to renew one of my very old scopes for a modern DSO and add a True-RMS benchtop multimeter to my bench. Not much more sofisticated or expensive if I consider what I have already bought in the past.

I´ve made some previous search on the Net and found many resellers of test equipments, some of them I already used to buy components. When I tried to buy in some of them (I will not say the names, but for sure I wish to) I had a lot of restrictions on buying on-line using my credit card, even on those that I already did boughts, on the same way! New controllers procedures on frauds over the net, they say...

So, I chose two vendors for each equipment with no apparent restrictions and did the procedures. There were no return on problems or something else. One of the vendors, btw, have a local reseller in Brazil (but much more expensive because of the taxes).

When I arrived I sent e-mails to both, as I usually do, to verifiy if everything was ok, and I discovered they stopped the processes in order to verifiy my personnal data and, believe me, one of them not even take care on reply an e-mail to me to inform that, I had to send one to verify!

The other put my order on an automated system and I have no return of nothing, except when I said I wanted to cancel my order. It was the same reseller where I have an account in Brazil and use the same way to buy, since 2002!

I cancelled both orders, complaining a lot with the guys and did a new research on the Net, then I found the Tequipment.net site. I did a chat on-line with the staff of the reseller and they verified my personnal data, on an efficient way, verified the equipments availability for me, gave me a discount in one upgrade since the multimeter I wanted was not available for immediate shipping, and sent me the goods on a 2nd day express shipping. My total bill was 200 dollars lower than the sum of those on my cancelled orders, for the same equipments!

I decided to offer an free testimony of this good procedure from them, specially from Miss Beth Duchatkiewicz and recommend TE for DIYaudio community. I think they don´t loose the focus in well serve the customers, with no loss of security on sale.

I have to say I have no problems with other vendors too, like Amazon (excelent and they sell test equipments too), Amidon, Parts-Express, 41Hz (they send to Brazil) and others, but this vendor (it appears not so big indeed) have one of the best procedures I´ve seen until now.

Best regards,
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Yes, I agree!

I bought my Rigol DS1052E and 2 Extech EA11A Digital K type thermometers from them and they are now my goto company for test equipment. Yes, Beth is the best as I have dealt with her too. Seems UPS sent my scope to Never-Never Land and she found it for me..

A big thumbs up from me also!!
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