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2002-01-25 7:44 am
I just bought a car, its a 2000 pontiac sunfire, I am not sure what size alternator comes with this 2.2L. I need some serious stomp!!! I want to put 2 12" infinity perfects, with about 800+ watts to EACH. I know I am going to need some capacitors I plan on using one 2.0 farad cap or two 1.0 farad caps. Any suggestions first. Do I need a bigger Alternator, or will the caps be sufficient? Will this be enough watts to push to subs good enough, whats the highest anyones pushed to these subs w/o blowing them? I just need some general feedback on what to do. Another suggestion also was to put 1500 watts to one 15" kicker solo baric L7. I would appreciate any help, with wiring it up too, and just what to do.


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2001-12-12 8:47 am
"I am not sure what size alternator comes with this 2.2L"
Well, why not call your local Pontiac dealer, or at least have the current output measured at your local auto parts store.

If you have at least a 100 ampere alternatre, you should not have any problems driving those 2x12' subwoofers. A single 1 farad cap is probably all that you need, unless you just find a good deal on a '2 for' deal or something, or are considering adding additional sub later.

If your alternatre is going to strain, maybe you should check a local alternator rebuild service center. Many of them can rebuild your alternator to have higher current output for a nominal fee for some vehicles, much cheaper than buying one of those specialty high output alternators.

"I want to put 2 12" infinity perfects, with about 800+ watts to EACH"

Well, that may be useful for preventing any clipping, but last I checked these particular subs have around a 300-350 watt max. continous thermal capacity each, I think. Got a good deal on an amplifier did you? LOL

"Another suggestion also was to put 1500 watts to one 15" kicker solo baric L7."

The Kappa Perfects are a far superior subwoofer for music than the L7 kickers. I recommend the Kicker only if you care for SPL. If that is your purpose, throw it in the ported enclosure, not the sealed. No sense in wasting away a couple more db trying to get a tighter sound out of the L7.

I really can not answer any other questions on this subject, I have not been into car audio for some time. Maybe some other members here can elaborate.

No-one needs to upgrade the alternator in ANY late model car unless they are running more than two very high current amplifiers. The average continuous current draw (not PEAK) will almost never exceed that of the alternator. I had a 600 watt (continuous) system in a Honda at one point, which had a whopping 45 amp alternator. I never had a dead battery... the caps are only needed if you have a serious light dimming problem during transients.

Every alternator out there has some sort of over current protection.. it will never output more than it is rated for. if your big amp(s) sucks more than it can supply during peaks (and this will only be during peaks, if at all), the battery and optional stiffening caps will supply the extra power needed. Unless your battery is dying while you are driving around (NOT PARKED!! =) your alternator is fine.

As an ex-installer, I have only upgraded alternators if the system has more than (2) amplifiers and at least 1000 watts or more of continuous power combined between them. I can safely say if you plan on powering your 12's with 800 watts continuous each, they will die very fast. There is no car amplifier that can do this (and I don't care what the specs say, almost every amp is overrated in car audio). It could be done with multiple monoblocks (such as rockford BD1500's or bridged power1100's), but again your subs will definatly fry, either from overexcursion causing the voice coil to "jump" the gap and jam itself on top of the magnet, or go up in a plume of smoke (as well as your ears and your wallet!!!).

Hope this helps,