Just a couple easy questions.....

Hi all, this is my first time posting on the forum even though I've been browsing for quite some time.
Anywho, obviously I'm looking to build my own projector.

I was pretty much set on getting a 5" LCD panel with a Delta IV lens and an LOA lightsource.

However, the lack of resolution on the 5" lcds have left me kinda dismayed, I was really hoping for at least 800x600. So I found this little gem
A 7" widescreen LCD that supports 800x480 and has composite and Svideo...a dream come true for my project! However, how do I know if it's a transmissive?
Also, if I get a 7" lcd, the delta IV won't be big enough so what kind of lens would I need for a 80"-100" picture at a distance of about 6-8'?

I'm sure this information is available on this forum but digging through the massive amount of data would probably make my head explode.

Any ideas?

Thanx everyone!