Jukebox speaker system with punch


2006-11-30 12:27 am
I do a bit of work for a friend who runs a jukebox hire business. He has a few boxes that need new speaker systems. The cabinets would be around 40-50litres, and will fit two 10" drivers and some horns. We are looking for suggestions for a nice sounding system that will fill a large room with reasonably punchy sound. UcD400 amps are powering the drivers. He stuck some Peerless 10" subs in one with some piezo horns, but obviously there is a big hole in the response, and the horn is too loud. We want to be able to buy the components off the shelf, and aren't really in a position to be spending time building custom crossovers. Happy to stick with the piezo horn, it can be padded down. Any suggestions would be appreciated.