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Jolida JD9 - Upgraded

SOLD!Jolida JD9 - Upgraded

GREAT phono preamplifier with a tube output stage. Upgraded with Obligatto 1uf Premium Gold capacitors, NOS Matsushita 12AX7A tubes, and OPA 627 (genuine) op amps, which replaced the (4) OPT37G in the input stage. I will include the original op amps and tubes so you can roll them if you want to (but I'm guessing you won't!). The tubes also include two vibration damping rings each. The physical condition is NM, and it functions perfectly. It will be double boxed in original packing and with the original tubes and op amps (as well as the installed upgrades, naturally),original manual and power cord.

For the record,I have run this with an AT150Mlx and am currently using it with an AT OC9/MLII, and it sounds great with both of them. The flexibility of this unit is amazing! I have a lot more photos, both exterior and internals. Send me your email address and I will forward them to you.

SOLD Shipping will probably be $20-$25 or so in the CONUS via USPS Priority Mail, if I had to guess.


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