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2017-11-26 8:30 am
John Allen Bertoglio was the editor of “Audio Forum” magazine.

He may be living in Lincoln City, Newberg or Portland Oregon these days. If you search Google, you will find several possible phone numbers for him.

There is also a Facebook page for John Bertoglio. NOTE: This may be his sons FB page.

Here is some additional information………

Boston Audio Society “The B.A.S. Speaker” Volume 6 Number 1 October 1977 page 18:

In the Literature

Audio Forum, Vol. 1, No. 1, April/May 1977

Editor J. A. Bertoglio states that there will never be a typical review of an audio component in this new bi-monthly. There seems to be a great emphasis on the technical (as well as the performance) aspect of records. Regarding classical records, the Penguin Stereo Record Guide, Gramophone, and Hi-Fi News & Record Review have been heavily used. (This is not surprising, as several of the people who submitted lists of "high quality" discs are BAS members.) Articles (most of them based on taped interviews) on arm/cartridge compatibility, tube designs for preamps and amps, the Iverson Force-Field Speaker System. The letters-to-the-editor section will be prominent. The Audio Critic receives a generally favorable review in the first installment of "Reviewing the Reviewers.”

Audio Forum, Vol. 1, No. 2, June/July 1977

Coverage of the CES show, letters, ads, and John Puccio's "Modest Proposal”.

According to my search results on worldradiohistory’s web site:

“Audio Forum” magazine advertised in the classified ad section of Audio magazine from March 1977 to June 1977 and January 1978 to November 1979. “Audio Forum” also briefly advertised in High Fidelity magazine from January 1979 to April 1979.

“Audio Forum” magazine started out in Fairfax, CA and moved to Portland, OR sometime around January 1978.

Here is a copy of the text that first appeared in the Classified ad section in the March 1977 issue of Audio magazine.


· Looking for the finest new & used audio components?

· Want the inside info on the latest stereo projects?

· Got a gripe, an idea, or something important to say?

· Want audiophile opinion from across the country?


is for YOU! In our first issue:

· The nation's finest audio dealers select: "The Worlds Best (Ungradeable) $1000 Music System"!

· David Fletcher (Grace, Supex) on: 'Tonearm-Cartridge Compatibility".

· John Iverson (Electra-Research) on: The Force Field Loudspeaker". (With NO moving parts!)

· E. M. Long (Sonex) on: 'Time Alignment Techniques".

· Mark Deneen (Paragon) on: "Wide Band Tube Design".

· John Curl (Levinson) on "Ultra low noise design".

Plus: "Reviewing the Reviewers"; The 'Womens View- point"; Reader reviews; Free subscriber classified ads; and much, much more! Send $15 for six bimonthly issues to: AUDIO FORUM, BOX 578, Fairfax CA 94930 415-453-9530


By the way, I would love a copy of the 1st issue. In particular the John Iverson and John Curl articles.

As well as issue #4 and #5 containing the following article: “Transient Distortion Measurement: (The president of Analog Engineering Associates (Ken Leonard) describes how they measure the dynamic performance of amplifiers)”.
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These were electro-fluid cold plasma loudspeakers.
AUDIO FORUM magazine from 1977 looks like the same legend as the loudspeakers. Mainly I understand that this is one of the most unefficient loudspeakers possible, but the description of them by many tellers raises a number of questions about construction. (Looks like the most close visual is EFA Kronos 2006).

Since I cannot ask (regional restriction) Marty and Moebius about them at : someone may configure the questions about loudspeakers on forum will be perfect.
The questions are such:
The size and shape, material (square or elongated) of external frame.
The size, width of internal rod frame.
Rods diameter, shape, number, material (metal or salt crystals).
The TAS magazine says about dipolar electrodes (do this meen push-pull), so were there two rows of electrodes and were there the ionization wires between them?
What was the ionisation voltage.
Eny visualisation hand sketches drawings are the most interesting.


2017-11-26 8:30 am
Also in search the article from
The Absolute Sound 19, 1980: John Iverson On Perfect Speaker Cables.
Here is a scan of the "The Absolute Sound" Vol. 5 Number 19 September 1980 article; "John Iverson: Cables and Amplifier-Loudspeaker Interfacing Problems" which appeared on pages 271-273.


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Here is a scan of the "The Absolute Sound" Vol. 5 Number 19 September 1980 article; "John Iverson: Cables and Amplifier-Loudspeaker Interfacing Problems" which appeared on pages 271-273.
Ohhh myyyy!! I remember this article, and I can tell you that this was meant by John as prank on a certain "audio-pile" as he called them. I worked for Alan Hill (Plasmatronics) and John spoke told us about his intentions for this article before it was published. Take it for the joke that it was meant to be.


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2005-08-16 4:21 pm
Gee - that is interesting. ~1990 I had John's Eagle 7A along with a Perreaux RIAA preamp driving the little Spica speakers - beautiful sound in a small room on piano. My wife at the time hated the amp and called it "Darth Vader" (she couldn't differentiate nor care between it and a Yorx system).