John from NZ here

John Hi

2019-10-18 11:22 pm
I'm John, I live in Whangarei, a couple of hours north of Auckland,
New Zealand.

I've built a nice system which includes -
Building 3 way active open baffle speakers
Rebuilding and modding Quad 405 amps
Programming Linear Phase digital active crossovers
Room and system measurement and EQ

In the past, I used to be a sound engineer for live sound reinforcement.
I built a Quad 405 clone from scratch back in the 1980's before all the ebay stuff. And I've built or modified other speakers and amps over the years.
Now I'm just trying to relax and enjoy my system, and not mess with it so much - but that's not always easy....

John Hi

2019-10-18 11:22 pm
Gracias Pepe,
Hace años vivi en España por unos años.

Thanks Pepe,
I'm one of the minority of people who have lived on almost exactly opposite sides of the world. I lived in the south of Spain for 4 years, and now New Zealand. Our present house is about 100km away from the exact opposite point on the planet from when I lived in Spain
Thanks for the welcome guys :)

Glenn, one of my other hobbies is brewing, and I judged in the Aussie national homebrew comp in Melbourne last year.

Indra - I enjoyed Bali, if that counts :rolleyes:

And Merlin, I've been to Barcelona many times, what a great city.

Hi John, Im down in CHCH. My wife does all our "Alcohol" making. She won so many awards a couple of years ago, at the Auckland internationals for her wines. Maybe you were even showing?