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JLH ETI Mosfet Amplifier. Most of the essential Kit.

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I am selling these PCBs and the key components like the L brackets, lateral mosfets, supertex VN1210M and the VN1210Ds. Also 10uF & 20uF polyprop capacitors. Pretty sure I have the assembly instructions around somewhere.

Was going to build more of them for 5.1 sort of thing but never bothered.

The design is fully regulated including output stage etc. I personally would not recommend it for newbies at DIY. It's more of an intermediate/advanced project. (ie. you can get a lot wrong with grounding, hum or running mosfets with leads from the PCB etc (not knowing about issues like gate resistor proximity). The newer PCB design is easier, but sadly now looks unobtainable.

Anyone interested please get in touch.


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Looks like all the PCB's are there for a stereo setup with one PSU. I've built about 7 of these amps over a number of years (the first set when I was only 17 and WilliamsHart electronics was still in business..). Recently a company called AJP audio in the UK was still selling these kits, but looks like they've gone out of business.;-( Anyone know what the fate is of these PCB's?


Your right, I'd forgotten about the old VU meters....they were on the very first amp I built (which is still going strong over 2 decades old!) but I didn't bother with them for the last ones I built. I have one of the WilliamsHarts JLH preamps as the volume control and source selector so no volume pcb was necessary either...
Hi - I am new to this list, and am busy trying to fix a version of his amp sold as a kit in South Africa. Any chance I can get a circuit fiagram showing the components and values as many of the 1975-ish transistors are no longer available ? My kit seems based on the Powertran 75 as the circuits are amazingly similar.
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