JLH Class A power supplies

I have started building the JLH Class A amplifier, inspired by the excellent Class-A Amplifier Site. So far I have made the printed circuit boards and started the metalwork for the case, including two massive 0.4CW heatsinks. There are several options open for the power supplies, including capacitance multiplier, LM 388 based design, and the original JLH design.Can anyone give me the benefit of their experience.
I previously made a power amplifier designed by JLH which was I think published by Hi Fi News in 1975, this was an excellent sounding amp unfortunately now long gone, I am hoping that the class A will be even better.

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2001-01-14 1:19 am
The PSUs for such amps are widely discused in this forum. I sugest you to use the search option of the site.
My opinion is that if you don't have too sensitive speakers (around 90dB) you can use a simple PSU that includes just caps.



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