JLH Class-A in a with MOSFET's

Low roll off
is set by the output cap at 20Hz

High roll off
at 800KHz nice gentle roll off, no peaks or instability .. but in real live this thing is propably not easly to get stable, that's why the second MOSFET isa set to draw 28mA, this help the cicuit to stay stable and gives it a high slew rate...a simple compensation cap also does the trick, but compromises HF responce

second harmonic at -86dB (0dB set at 1Watt output),higher harmonics are even lower...

Iq is set at 1.2A... so it is also a 35 Watt heating system

not bad he.....
I just like playing with the computer so here another one.. a MOSFET 'MJamp'

all remarks above also apply to this one, simulated not build, not measured! But simulates even better! hopefuly somebody gets inspired and designs a pratical version or even builds one ...

these are no original designs.. all is based on designs found on the web, just tries to make them more simple, with simple components...

happy weeknend,


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