jimbo's chipamps

I've got 3 kits on the way (lm3875, lm3886, lm4780) to be used eventually as the amps for 3-way active front speakers (once i've worked out the system configuration).

To start I will build them as straightforward stereo amps, with attenuation, to allow comparison, trial of different attenuators etc.

Here are some pictures of my layout scheme for comment.

I've bought a sheet of 10mm aluminium, and have access to a milling machine and a sheet bending machine and plenty of thin stainless sheet.

3 amps:


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The idea is to have separate power and amp compartments.

Lid and base will be removable to allow assembly/modifiaction of the 2 section.

The lid/base will be sheet metal bent into a simple C shape, the chassis will be held together by M4 socket screws in counterbored holes. The dividing middle 'floor' will be fixed from the inside.

The front/rear panel will be milled down where necessary for fixing of sockets.

10mm Al sides for heat sinking, and a width of 140mm were the design drivers.


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