Jericho and Sug 1 with TB w1772 hornresp?

Jericho; SUG1

A liitle while back @DrBoar was having crack at one of the versions of the Jericho. Looks like the thread has dried up. I was interested but I think I would prefer a design with rear mouth to place in a corner and also a bit smaller but don't seem to be able to find one or design one myself that gives a better output than a bass reflex or a TL. I have been re-reading MJK's backloaded horn papers for some inspiration. @freddi developed a model I see after a bit of a search #575

If it's the SUG1-19, there is a page for it and the dimensions of each segment are given. You could try and reverse engineer it and adapt the segments to the hornresp template. I haven't noticed any recent threads of a model in hornresp.
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