Jeff Bagby's Designs

There are 13 different Bagby designs available from Meniscus, four other designs from diySoundGroup, and one from Parts Express called Solstice MLTL. Samba MT is not a Bagby design.

I think that represents the majority of his diy designs.

I built the Piccolos from Meniscus and am extremely happy with them.
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2002-02-06 4:51 pm
Yeah, unfortunately Jeff has apparently made the decision to concentrate his activity in the Facebook group, so there isn't much info on his more recent designs outside that forum. Many of his recent designs also seem to be in concert with Meniscus, and for those he doesn't publish xover details - they only come with the kit.
If (like me) you're not on facebook, you can occasionally find a 'permalink' that allows viewing the details without having a Facebook login, but it's hit-or-miss. The new Helios for example can be found, but not the Jintani or the Revolution Mini / Mini BE.
I'm not positive Jeff did the xover on that one. He may have.

It seems a lot of Javad's builds are taken by many to have had the xover by Jeff, which is not always the case. In fact, some of the collaborations are voiced by Javad since he has the pair in his dwelling. Javad does not voice for the same representation as Jeff does, so they do sound different if this is also the case.

Not saying neither does good work, as we've seen that proof. I do however, prefer Jeff's voicing to Javad's.

Wolf, I'd be interested in your subjective opinion on the voicing choices, as we all have preferences, and different tastes. I've drooled over many of Javad and Jeff's builds for years. It's interesting how everyone picks much differently. My best friend is a guitarist, and he much prefers my second favorite speakers over my favorites, and they're both horns. He prefers the more neutral of the two, where I like the more forward mid presentation of the 3 ways. Glenn.
Javad likes an up-tick on the top octave. I think it's mainly due to his musical preferences.

I like a slightly more lively than neutral, because it sounds more realistic to me. Most describe it as 'clean' sounding. I do aim for flat FR.

Jeff also aims for flat response, but mainly flat power response (tilted down of course). I would say it depends on the design, but sometimes he has voiced brighter than I tend to, and others more neutral than me.