JBL SRX/STX series: 18" 2268 out, return to the 2242 or go on with the 2279


A question I have about recent 18" JBL units:

In the rather recent serie SRX, there was the sub 728 and the full-way 738 using the 18" driver 2268H, a neodym double-differential driver.
This driver was supposed to replace the 2242 because of its similar bass response and maximum SPL, with low distorsion for both, and lighter weight for the 2268 (Neodym magnet). 2268 exhibits a little less efficiency but handles more power with less thermal power compression.

Today this 2268 seems not te be used anymore:
. in the new STX serie the 18" have been replaced by either a double 15" 2226, slot-loaded design (for the full range STX735), or .. an older/weighter 2242! for the 718 or 728 sub.
. in the SRX serie, the 18" is used only for subs, and the 2268 has been replaced by the 2279 which seems cheaper.

Surprising to see a return to an older, weighter driver (2242 vs 2268) for a more recent serie.

At the same time, in Cinema serie, the double 18" subs with 2241 still exists (4642A), but a new one, same box size, is available using two 2269: a kind of 2268 but with a 3-times higher MMs for extended sub response.

Do someone know the reason for that (2268 back to 2242)? should we understand the older 2242 is (or sounds) better?

Thanks LDO BK-UP redesign