JBL PB12 Amp Failure


2001-11-27 4:57 pm
I purchased a JBL PB12 (powered 250w subwoofer) 3 months ago. I made the mistake of purchasing it from an unauthorized internet dealer, so warranty will be a hassle. And, shipping costs will eat me up if I ship this back to the factory for service. So, I am looking for alternatives.

The PB12 is attached to an Onkyo TXDS696 via LFE.

I appears that my plate amp in the PB12 is bad. It keeps blowing fuses.

I am considering replacing the plate amp, and have the following questions...
1. Is the enclosure and driver in the PB12 worth keeping, or should I scrap the whole thing and DIY?
2. Can anyone recommend a plate amp that matches up with the PB12 enclosure and driver?
3. Since I drive my subwoofer via LFE, is there an inexpensive, low frills amp available?

Thanks in advance for the help.