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JBl GTS600, amplifier wanted! Dead or Alive, Alive if it can be helped:)

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Hello all

I am hunting for 2 good condition JBL GTS600 amplifiers for car audio.

These are getting very rare.

The newer JBL units made in Korea just dont have the sound quality or refinements of the older generation of amplifiers.

Its not all about power its about grace and control.

The GTS series are some of the best car amplifiers i have ever heard, into 2 ohms and they sound warm and sweet, give them nice high voltage and they will sound super crisp and clear, and very dynamic.

I need the JBL GTS600 so i can make a clone, as JBL has no plans to make this model ever again.

I dont mind what part of the world there in, as long as they are in working order i will be happy to make an offer on your old JBLs.


KBK thanks for the link, believe it or not i e-mailed this chap about 2 weeks ago and i never got any reply?

I have squeezed the net and found only a hand full of these rare amplifiers but nobody is selling them, i even asked Trevor Cook who is a technical support person in the UK for the Harmon group and he told me, the new ones are better all round:bigeyes: i e-mailed him back and told him to not be so silly:clown:
I clicked it at work with IE and our corporate virus suite picked it up immediately in my temporary internet files. It appears to be an IE flaw so you may be safe with Firefox, but I wouldn't like to guarantee it. I'm sure KBK never knew there was a virus.

Troy, I went to see Adam the other week. Enjoying the development work but it's quite a big project. Hopefully the outcome will be some excellent Shadow Works infrawoofers will be sold to style conscious hifi lovers :)
That's probably why I almost NEVER cruise the iternet and go to strange sites without a condom on. Heck.. I just never go to strange sites. That was the first time in a long time that I went to a odd link like that. Sorry dudes. I'm virally innocent! :p

Don't know if you or anyone will recieve this message - I'm replying to an old one.

I have one of these. It is "new" - never used. I used to work for Harmon / JBL in product development but not in Engineering - I was in sourcing /purchasing.

I was looking it up to see if I can use it / put it in a car I'm building. I thought it might be only for use on woofers:xeye:

From the sticker on the back... It is a product development test sample. Serial # 48. 4/1/95. Supplier: Sunland Audio. Production Sample.

So... can I use it just to boost the power in my car stereo ? I might be willing to sell it. It is in excellent, almost as new condition. It was always stored indoors and protected. It is complete with all clips and fuses.

Jim:confused: :confused:
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.