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JBL 4550 for anyone?

Hello everyone. I just joined the forum and wanted to offer a JBL 4550 I own and never used. I was a rock musician for the first half of my life and made a sound system which had 4550's a mid range and a high end. it was a tri amp system and my stage monitors were bi amped.

I have many JBL commercial use speakers new in box 8 and 10" a JBL 15" and an Altec Lansing 15" all new but that was new in about 75. They have been in storage inside the public storage type. I have them in my garage now and it's clean out the stuff year.

Anyone interested please ask. I also still have the bi-amp splitter for my stage monitors. Excuse my terminology. I don't remember the frequency where it divides the signal but it was custom made for me by a large sound company that provided major concerts with sound. All my equipment was the best available it the time and analog.

The 4550 is made by JBL and it's grey. It was used in a movie theater and they closed. I bought it in 75 and never used it. Probably my storage bill on that is in the, "could have bought a car" range. lol

I'll make a deal.

I'm in southern Cal, Long Beach.