JBL 2482

turk 182

2012-10-26 3:03 pm
so nothing lines up if you rotate the diaphram 180 deg ?
if i recall correctly there's two locator holes on the diaphragm but only one locator pin on the driver assembly and only one proper orientation.(this also affects the way the rear cover goes on with respect to lead dress)
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OK, just to clarify. The Phenolic diaphragm is to large in diameter.
Here is a pic

And here is one of the back covers.

The outside diameter of the metal Ds is 5 inches.
The outside diameter of the phenolic is 5.5 inches.
So is this driver mislabeled?


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I run 2440 in my system and you do need to check that you have the orientation correct. (The pin must line up with one of the holes intended to receive it in the diaphragm.) They can be installed in one of two positions IIRC. Clean gap and do not crunch the voice coil! Should be 4.0" diaphragm. (Ring about 5 inches IIRC)

In terms of 'phragms I like the OEM 2440 best, the 2441 is quite OK, and the 2445 (titanium) is terrible sounding. (I have them all) Avoid titanium replacements IMO.


2001-02-04 4:23 am
You can make the 2482 diaphragm work in your 2440/41 structure.

Take the aluminum ring off the dead diaphragm and bolt it to the 2482 diaphragm. Re-drill the dowel pin holes. It will now fit, but drop like a rock above 5Khz (like a 2482).

The 2482 top plate is basically the same as the 2440/2441, but the dowel pins are spaced differently.

The reverse is also true, you can use a 2440/41/45 diaphragm in a 2482 by re-drilling the dowel pin holes (using the dead 2482 diaphragm clamp ring).

The top plate is minutely thicker on the 2482, so it does not have quite the flux density that the 2440/41 structure has (1.7T vs 20.5T).