JBL 2123h mid - horn loaded or direct radiator

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I've got a couple of JBL 2123h drivers that I'd like to use in mid range horns. They would slot in between a JBL 2226h L/F and a 1" HF CD/horn.

I could use them as direct radiators in a 3 way set up but ideally would like to get some directivity and pattern control as I intend to use them as 'wides' in my HT.....although I'm just not sure how important pattern control is for wides.

Anyway, I have looked around the internet and about the only thing I can find is this:


.....it's the 10" scaled down Lascala mid horn.

Problem is, I'm not sure whether the 2123h is suitable for this build as I can't see any specific drivers mentioned.

Does anyone have any ideas on whether I should/need to horn load these mids for my wides and if so, is the design I linked OK for this?

My L/C/R all use horn loaded mids.....(not 2123h's though)

If you are referring to the folded lascala "w bin" horn in the link for 10" drivers it is a very poor choice for midrange. I doubt the JBL 2123 would have more then a 300 to 500 cycle bandwith in it. If you want to use the 2123 to mate with a 1" driver you need to use a straight horn like the "Tractrix Midrange Horn" at the same site. Problem is it will only be good from around 400 cycles to around 1K
General comparison between front horn loaded vs. ported box for a 10" midbass.

The JBL 2012H is the next generation 10" midbass after the 2123. JBL published a tech paper on the 2012H, and the figures in this paper show the frequency response of a JBL designed front horn, and a JBL designed ported box. This data might help you select a future research direction.

The lower SPL of the bass shelf in a ported box can be leveled/equalized by either low frequency room gain, or putting a high resistance inductor in series with the speaker as part of the Xover network to pull down the upper frequency SPL to same level as the lower frequency bass shelf.


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