Jaycar polypropelene capacitors


2002-03-08 7:21 am
Hi. I'm currently building a preamp, and I'm still to purchase the 1uF input/output caps (the design is Rod Elliott's project 88 and 06).
I don't want to spend too much money, so I was wondering if Jaycar's "high quiality metallised / polypropelene crossover capacitors" would do the job ? They're relatively cheap, and even though they're advertised as crossover caps, surely they'd suffice at the preamp level?

I live in Australia, so if there are any local sources for quality caps, please tell me!!! The nearest one I know of is in Western Australia (and I'm in VIC!!!)
I have built the 06 phono amp recently and I used the MKT Miniature Polyester caps (as shown in the picture in the article) from Jaycar. These seem fine, but I am sure the crossover caps would be alright. They will obviously sit-up a bit.

Let us know what you think of the phono stage. I am interested in building the 88 pre-amp also.

BTW I used OPA2134 Op-amps. I recommend them.