Jaycar JV60 Kit Speaker Build


2008-10-01 10:50 am
I building a pair of JV60 speakers from Jaycar that I am building for the Jaycar store I work at, basically bought the boxes and drivers, everything else i will build myself, also having external crossovers in large jiffy box for build and tuning ease.

Not sure on what crossover design as yet but have found reference to the crossover schematic (2.5 way) from the original kit that might end up basing it off,


As for now I have 6 db crossovers on all drivers, 3mh on the woofer (bottom driver) no inductor on the mid/woofer :p(top driver) and two 3.3uf poly caps in parallel for tweeter (so sort of a poor man 2.5 way crossover for now and with a 4 ohm impedance at the speaker terminals).

First thing I'm going to build proceeding the initial build is to seal the enclosure, make a thin MDF board to build the crossovers on and get the impedance eq/zobels designed for each driver, stay tuned :p

Here are some pics (go to link)
Note i don't have bass ports yet.

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