Jaycar CW2158 10" Woofer

Hi Francec,
I haven't got my Jaycar catalogue in front of me but if they are the 'yellow' coned ones on special at the moment you'll get all the data if you Google "Swan HiVi" (not HiFi!) . Go to 'products' and then "drivers". They are the "D" series I think.Along with the planar drivers that Jaycar have discounted.
I think one of the reasons they didn't become more popular is that the response on some of the smaller ones wasn't very high. So they really needed to be part of a three way system. But the 8" and 10" look good.

I have heard "secondhand" that they are really good. They do seem to be well engineered and look good value at the moment.

Chinese but with an interesting multi-national pedigree. (But of course I may not be writing about the one you're interested in.......if so sorry.)