jantzen audio difference between capacitors

According these reviews, there is a sonical difference.
I'm using the silver z-cap as input coupling cap in an amplifier, I don't notice any difference when bypassing it! (This could also mean my ears are not good enough, or that the rest of my equipment is not capable of making the dfferences notable.)

Humble Homemade Hifi - Cap Test

Or that your ears are right and there is NO audible difference.

That so-called "Test" looks like a page from an Astrology or Voodoo book, all words and no substance.
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Some capacitors are an electrolyte and a metal plate separated by a semi-stable oxide layer, and they can make a difference to sound - electrolytes have easily measurable distortion at high signal levels.

Some capacitors are a ferro-electric material between metal plates, they are horrendously non-linear and only to be used for decoupling. X7R and Y5V being example material designations.

In a high-Q filter a capacitor with accurate and stable value is needed, otherwise the filter will definitely sound different as it will have a wrong response curve!

is there a difference between Silver Z-Cap and Cross Cap capacitors both are MKP capacitors.

one has Siler other aluminum in its construction the tonal difference the silver is brighter than the aluminum they say in upper frequency range as far as ESR it is very little difference they behave almost identical in that respect MKP is polypropyle dielectric and is quickly becoming the standard vs MKT polyester few years back and the price gap is shrinking