Jamo Concert VII crossover help


I've gotten myself a pair of jamo concert vii speakers.

The previous owner took the crossovers out, and I cant seem to find the correct way to connect them back (i did replace the old capacitors)

On The crossover I've tried the following
Woofers connected to w- and w+
Tweeters to t- and t+
Midrange to sq- and sq+ together with the input from my amplifier

I can sort of get it to work, but the sound isn't right. What am i doing wrong?
The mids and highs sound about where they should, and the polarity should be correct
The lows are however really not comming through

It should be noted that the crossover has a option for bi-wiring
And the w- and sq- minus are connected on The crossover

I am set up to measure (i'm an electrician)

Hope this makes sense
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Ok, then one thing I'd check is the polarity in the acoustic domain. If you measure the spectrum with a microphone out in front, you'll see cancellations in the crossover regions and you can switch and re-check.

Obviously component damage or bad joints are a common concern, and comparing the two speakers can also be revealing.
The full tone and the tweeter seems to work within spec.

However the woofers are putting out freq above the crossovers 150hz

I believe it has something to do with the sq- and the w- being coupled together on The Board (see pictures) so i might be wiring it wrong, just cant seem to figure the right way.


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Amplifier power won't affect the bass response. Bass may be a little easier to hear when it's louder but it shouldn't sound like a problem the way you describe it.

Room positioning does affect bass response.. (so might polarity (bass harmonics and general balance). You may have it right but the marked polarity is not always correct. Just a thought in case you can't find an answer.)

Maybe down the track you'd consider a mic since this would answer many questions.