James Bongiorno RIP

James Biongiorno

My mom was james caretaker and she is taking his death kinda hard but seeing your kind words about him made her feel a little better i just wanted to thank you guys now she is sure he will never be forgotten

heres to james the loudest and most colorful old man ive ever met!
thank you james for your wonderful life !


2010-02-15 9:05 pm
I posted this on another site. I'll repost it here.

What a loss.

When I was a young teen, I used to live pretty close (a bike ride away) to the GAS factory in Chatsworth, California.

I used to go by there from time to time to drool over Ampzilla that I couldn't afford. They used to humor me because I was so enthusiastic. Mr. Bongiorno personally gave me a bunch of signed GAS posters I put up in my room. I wish I still had them. I can't remember for sure, but I bet he was wearing a lime green suit

Finally, after months of bugging them, they sold me a refurbed Ampzilla, in a dented and scratched case, that I drove some early Maggies with. When Sumo opened, I followed Mr. Bongiorno and bought some Sumo gear. Even after buying higher end gear than GAS, getting that Ampzilla is still one of my fondest memories. I can still feel that excitement I felt when I got that thing home!

Great memories of my early audiophile hobby.

Thank you James Bongiorno.