JAES - Article about class A, ,B, AB, G and H

Has anyone seen (or read) the article in JAES(*) Vol 50, No 7/8 page 547? The articles are usually heavy stuff and so is this. The different kinds of stages are described but only in terms of efficiency. The talk only in theory (no harm in that) but no practice at all. What about the fidelity in real life?

(*) Journal of Audio Engineering Society

Is anyone else here a member (besides me)?
<i><b>Why don't you become a member? But there are two obsticles: You have to be recommended if I'm not mistaken and also most of the stuff in the journal is really heavy, lot's of mathematics.</i></b>

That's for full membership. Anyone can become an Associate Member. The only difference is that you're not able to vote and you can't sit on any committees. The dues are a bit steep at $80 a year however.

For those only interested in the occassional article or preprint, it'd probably be more economically sound to just purchase individual articles or preprints from the AES which are available to anyone. Cost is $5 each for non-members.

Many of them are available in pdf format and can be paid for and downloaded immediately from the AES online store.