Jack Socket switch contact - what does 'closed' mean ?

In many momentary switching things like switches or relays, there is often a "normally closed" and "normally open" contact, usually abbreviated NC and NO. And in the case of a double throw, a third leg is dented as C for common. They are also known as "break" and "make" switches, for breaking and making contact.

"Normally" means the condition when nothing is done to the part. SO a relay not energized or a jack not plugged into would be normal, as would be the rest position of a momentary switch.
Thank you for replies. I'm looking for a replacement PCB mounting mono jack socket, and the mechanically compatible replacement part comes in two versions where the shunt connection is described as 'closed' and 'open' respectively. I'll assume they mean the state of the shunt when there is no plug inserted, ie missing out the word 'normally'. Thx again.